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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Remembering Ryan

We've lost someone.
Not a family member.
Not a close friend.

A young man we've known for years through our church took his own life. 

He's ages with our boys.  They didn't go to the same school.  He wasn't in the same grade as them but they've been in the high school Sunday school class and many church activities together.   This hits way too close to home.

Ryan Cameron was bigger than life.  He was funny, smart, vivacious, giving, insightful, uninhibited, gracious, kind, outgoing, ambitious, inquisitive and many other things that the people who knew him better are aware of.  He changed the atmosphere in a room just by entering it.  Hearing his distinct voice would always make me smile.  He always had something to share: a story, a question, a thought, a joke, a smile. 

How could you not know Ryan?  But none of us knew him.  He was everywhere.  And now he's nowhere that we can see.  So we'll carry him forever in our hearts because that's where he's always been.  That little Light of his, we're gonna let it *SHINE*!


  1. oh I'm sorry to hear....a work colleague of mine recently took his own life is truly baffling when these things happen. I just hope Ryan is now at peace x

    1. Thanks for your kind words, Cat. I'm sure he is.