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Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Everyone arrived safe & sound!
So I had my first craft show using "The New Packing System" and it went swimmingly (does anyone even use that word anymore?)!  Setting up took about the same amount of time, which I expected, but breaking down?  Breaking down was so quick!  Okay.  Not super-quick but quicker than usual.

I had a hard time with larger items not fitting back where I thought they were supposed to go.  I might have to label some of the spaces that are for specific items until I'm more familiar with the whole layout.  But considering my caflarfles I was pulling out of the lot 45 minutes after the show ended!  That's a record for me.  Unfortunately, I have to qualify my speed by informing you that this show was at a firehouse and all of those strong, brave firemen were on hand to help us load our cars (they wanted their truck bay back!).

This coming weekend I'll be at a high school that I haven't shown at before and I'm pretty sure the firemen or any other helpers won't be available.  This will be a truer test of the time it will take.  I'll let you know.

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