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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Customized Pottery Packing for Craft Shows - Large Items

Since I had good feedback on my last packing post, and I have items larger than a spoon rest, here's some ideas for show packing of larger items.

I had found rolls of 1 inch thick spongey plastic foam that I was considering buying to pack my larger items but didn't want anything that thick (space is at a premium!).  So, again consulting with Dad, he suggested that it might be cheaper getting styrofoam sheet insulation from HD.  So I checked it out and, of course, Dad was right!  Also, it was only 3/4 inch thick.

Six sheets - 14 1/2" x  48" x  3/4" for $7.25
The drawback:  it's styrofoam.  I hate styrofoam.  It's messy (hence, no snacks around) and not very eco-friendly.  Bu-u-ut, it's a one time purchase and I'm sure the plastic, spongey stuff isn't any friendlier.

Cut the slots to interlock
So using the same method as I detailed in my last post I measured and cut the styrofoam to line the bin and separate the items.  Just make sure the slots you cut for the intersections are as wide as the sheets so they'll interlock snugly.

I was fitting 5 or 6 banks in a bin using the messy newspaper and now can only fit 4.  Hmmm.  Dilemma.  More bins and quicker packing or less bins (that would be heavier) and slower packing.  Time is money (unfortunately) so the foam stays.  Also, it allows the packing to be tighter so those pesky pot holes will be no match for us!  Bwaa-haa-haa!

Everyone, go to your rooms!

 I did reuse some of the discarded newspaper to pack around the banks and fill up the wiggle room. No wrapping!

Getting all tucked in for the ride to meet their new owners (hopefully)!
The birdhouses worked out a little better.  I can fit 6 in one bin but have to alternate the skinny ones with the fatter ones so they're not too tight.

Snug as a... catapillar... bee... dragon... bird...

Once again, I'd be happy to help anyone who is trying to adapt this system for your own needs.  I'd love to hear your innovative packing solutions, too.


  1. Another great tip!
    And your banks are SO cute!!!

  2. Thanks! I have so much fun making them and I love how they look all nested in their little cubbies.