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Friday, January 20, 2012

My mud mojo!

The cyber kick in the pants appears to have worked.  I got some of my creative mojo back.  I spent most of the day in the pottery room.  Unfortunately, I kept having to take breaks to warm up.  Although the garage studio is well heated and we have rubber mats on the cement floor the cold still manages to seep into my bones.  If I ignore the chill too long it'll take all day to feel warm again. So every couple of birdhouses I have to rinse off and go upstairs to stave off the chill.

In the summer I can play all day long with only food and potty breaks.  The mud mojo flows!  Maybe that's what's been squashing my motivation lately.  My bones are sending silent protest petitions to my subconscious which, in turn, pushes other activities to the forefront of my mind to distract me from potting.  Hmmm.  Me thinks me smells me a conspiracy!  But I'm onto them now and I know where they live, those bones!  Bwa ha ha ha....

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