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Friday, October 19, 2012

Out of the Firing and into the Fire

I unloaded the kiln with our latest glaze firing over a week ago then promptly jumped on a plane (ok, several planes and slept in Dulles airport!) to AZ.

Beautiful but not green enough for me.
My mother's been diagnosed with early Alzheimer's and finally consented to move out of her townhouse where she's been living alone and 3 hours away from any family.   We found a place 20 minutes from my sister in CO and we all pitched in to pack up her house.  It was not fun and very emotional.  This is her 3rd and most extreme down sizing since I moved out and, boy, what a lot of STUFF!  Not a hoarder or pack-rat by any stretch but....  I'm pretty sure the IRS isn't going to audit a little old lady's 20 year old tax return.  =/

So we sifted a house full down to a trailer full and yesterday was move-in day.  Whew!  What a load off all of our minds!  I'm praying she settles in peacefully and makes some new friends.  Getting old SUCKS!

ANYWHO....  Onto a more pleasant topic.  New friends and happy homes came out of the kiln last week and there were a couple of disappointments (typical) but the majority came out great.  Another "Whew!".

Pigs Can Fly Bird House
Cactus & Lizard Bird House
Fat Frog Bank
Two Tone Turtle Bank

More to come when the sun starts cooperating and I can get more pictures done (I really need to get a better photo setup.).  Stay tuned, boys and girls!

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