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Thursday, November 15, 2012

No winner yet!

No correct guesses yet!

Here's your chance!

Be the first to correctly identify what these are
and win one of your choice.

Here's the original picture
and the first clue is in the comments of this post.

These are dry and ready
for the bisque firing.

Any ideas?

Let's hear 'em!

And just for chuckles
Crazy Maddie dreaming of the ultimate belly scratch!


  1. Something to rebury the Dead Sea Scroles Love Dad

  2. Exactly! NOT!!! Now everyone can see where I get my twistedness from. =D

  3. I hate to even say this but they look like the rear ends of various animals - one looks like a pig's butt. Oh, my, I hope I win!!!!

    1. Hi Irma, That's exactly what they're supposed to look like but can you figure out the function? I gave a couple of hints on my FB page. In case you missed them: you would only use one and it's used in baking. Good Luck!